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  • We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
    We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
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  • PAWS
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Our Service Offering includes Business/Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution; Capacity building services that include review/development of Business Processes (Manuals),Tailor-made training courses, Training Needs Assessment and organizational restructuring/design/rationalization; developing Risk Management Framework & governance Structures; Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit; Accountancy Services; and Project Management Services (Planning & Implementation).

Jacca Consulting Group Ltd was incorporated in September, 2009, to provide a wide range of Management Consultancy Solutions.

Our Services target, mainly, Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs),that include Corporates and Start-ups, NGOs, Saccos, Banks, Forex Bureaus and any other private and public institutions of same size.

Our Core objective is to assist the "ignored middle" of our economic structure to have access to capital for growth that they have not been able to secure from conventional banking system due to lack of collateral and track record and, also, to help build capacity that is critical for take off/business growth in this sector.

Jacca Consulting Group Ltd Services

We're experts in offering
result oriented and value
based training/skills. A business consultancy firm for SME's, small Corporates, Government Institutions, NGO's,Saccos, Banks, Forex Bureaus,etc.
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Business Training, Customer Care Skill Training, Busines Plans

Customer Care Skills,Sales Skills and Many others

We provide effective training for various skills in business that include customer cares skill, sales skill, Financial and more..Read More

Training, Facilitation & Coaching

Training, Facilitation & Coaching

Good leaders are made not born. Leadership Development at all levels of the organisation is the need of the hour....More

Mobilization of Equity/Loan Funds

Mobilization of Equity/Loan Funds

With a well crafted Business/Strategic Plans, Jacca can help you solicit for growth finance from a wide range of financial institutions so that we can help you move your business to the next level

About Jacca Consulting Group Ltd

Jacca Consulting Group Ltd. was founded in April, 2009, as sole proprietorship and incorporated in September of the same year to provide a wide range of business management consultancy services. Services provided target mainly SMEs, Start Ups and other public organizations that are of similar size like schools, NGOs and others. Read More

Client Testimonies

A life enhancing experience for me. If you have not been a part of it, you have missed out! Just do it & see the difference, it will give a new & focused direction to your life.

Paul Mungla(Director)

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