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  • We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
    We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies

Consulting Group Ltd has successfully worked on similar projects in the past. Most notable relevant experiences include the following jobs:

  • Confec Industries (EA) Ltd-This was a medium size plant situated in Kikuyu Industrial zone which was involved in the manufacturing of various assortment of sweets and confectionery products.
  • Sonal Holdings Kenya Ltd-This was a medium size dealer in over the counter sale of pharmaceutical products. It is based in Babadogo Industrial Area next to Chandaria Group of Companies. Some of the drugs were purchased from India and others were manufactured locally on its behalf under its brand by contracted manufacturers.
  • Kibera Plaza Project- MAKINA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (MAKODEP) wanted to purchase this building and we did a strategic Business Plan to facilitate sourcing of funds from USA donors.
  • Themwe/Kaburia Eco-Tourist Lodge- This is a most recent case and the promoters have been allocated portion of former forest land in Mt Kenya region to construct a tourist hotel. The project is located approximately 34 Km from Egoji township/Egoji Teacher’s College, along Nairobi – Meru road. It is going to be built within the gazetted Themwe Forest under the jurisdiction of Kenya Forest Service
  • Kalkada Mixed Secondary School- This is my pet project for which I am Patron. The Strategic Plan was done free of charge
  • Navillus Capital Micro Finance Ltd—This a microfinance company operating in the North Rift. It has since diversified into Mpesa business, Salon and Beautician business, and recently into Coca Cola distributorship in Eldoret. Jacca Consulting has been involved in drawing Business Plans for them and assisting with accountancy services
  • Alfajiri Express Ltd - A private transport company. We did Business Plans which the company used to secure funds from CMC for the purchase of buses.
  • PAWS Africa Safaris Ltd—A major player in the tour industry that is seeking to diversify into Eco Tourism sector. Having been allocated two sites to set up the lodges by Kenya Forest Services in Naro Moru & Thegu, we did a Strategic Business Plans for the two sites.
  • HAWKMOOR (K) LTD—A start up in the tourism industry that is seeking to invest into Eco Tourism sector. Having been allocated a site in Mutarakwa Forest Station in 7kms from Engineer Township in Kinangop at the foot of Western Aberdares, we did a Strategic Business Plans for the eco lodge.
  • A J Hauliers Ltd—Long distance transporters plying over East and central African region. Has been contracted by Kenya Breweries to transport beer products to various depots in East & central African Region. We developed 3 Year Strategic Plans
  • Town Council Of Nandi Hills—Carried out training in Customer Relations and Local Government Accounting
  • Town Council of Mbeere—Carried out training in Ethics and Integrity and in Provision of Services to Persons with Disabilitiesto their middle level staff

Training carried out during Year 2013:

  • Vihiga Municipal Council—Carried out training on variety of topics that included Customer Relations, Basic Local Government Accounting, Stakeholder Participation in decision making; Time management; Stress Management; Personal Appearance; Devolution; Performance Management;
  • Nzoia County Council, Kitale—Carried out civic education to the county staff on Devolution, that is, the workings of the Devolved Government Structure

and National Public Finance management Act, 2012

  • Municipal Council of Thika--Carried out training on variety of topics that included Customer Relations

Business Planning Jobs carried out during the Year 2013

  • Sudafric Group Limitedis an engineering and construction company. It is a holding company with subsidiaries registered in South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi. It has since diversified its operations into the importation of trucks (Prime movers and Trailers) from China for resale and into supply of raw materials to cement companies in Kenya. We developed three 5-year Strategic Business Plansfor its construction and Real estate business, importation of vehicles and supply of raw materials business. The Plans were successfully used to acquire funds and continues to guide growth of its business operations
  • Ruchir Holdings Limited

We developed a 3-Year Strategic Business Plan for the establishment of an Online Baby Products Shop. The business concept is a first of its kindin Kenya, just compared to the likes of Amazon.com, as sampling of goods is done online and payment for the goods is also remitted online.It is based in Yahya Area of Nairobi and imports various assortments of baby products from UK, France, Spain and South Africa and sells to the local market in Kenya. The Plan was successfully used to source private equity funds and continues to guide the growth of the business.

  • Trek Afrika Holidays Ltd

We developed a 3-Year Strategic Business Plan for the establishment of an Online Travel Agency business. The business concept is a first of its kindin Kenya, just compared to the likes of Amazon.com, as sampling of travel agency services is done online and payment for the services is also remitted online.The services, such as e-tickets, are delivered to the client online. The business is based on Rhapta Road, Westlands. The Plan continues to guide the growth of the business.

  • Ufasiri Limited

We developed a 3-Year Strategic Business Plan guide business growth in digital content business.The business concept involves formulating Content strategy, Content Development and Content management for clients’ websites, social media platforms and mobisites. The business is based on Ngong Road, Bishop Mangua Plaza, opposite Uchumi Supermarket.

  • VirginKenya Logistics Ventures Ltd is a transport and logistics company that was incorporated in the year 2010 to carry out the business of long distance haulage of bulky goods. We developed a Funding Proposal to acquire 15 Prime movers + Trailers for transportation of goods into various regions of Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and DRC.

Business Planning Jobs carried out during the Year 2014

i. ESWACO LTD—Construction of a High Class Guest House in KAREN area of Nairobi City. Ongoing- Currently developing a 5 Yr Strategic Plan. Construction funds have since been granted by a major City Bank and construction on going.

ii. JOSMAK COMPANY LTD-Based in Thika Town and has been trading in PVC/UPVS water pipes and fittings. Is now seeking funding to venture into manufacturing of the same products. Carried out a Business Plan which was submitted to ICDC and other financiers. Funds since approved


i. CREDIT BANK LTD—Successfully carried out Due Diligence study in November, 2013, to February, 2014, on behalf of some investors, for acquiscition of shares in the bank and advised on the financial feasibility of the bank. Also carried out a Business Valuation of the Bank and advised on fair share price of the Bank which formed the basis of negotiation.

ii. INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK LTD---JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN-- Developed the following Policy & Procedures Manuals during this year: (1) Banking Operations (2) Lending (3) Internal Audit Manual (4) Treasury Operations Manual & (5) ICT Manual & ICT Audit Manual.

Carried out staff training on the manuals and did the implementation

iii. MOBIPESA LIMITED—In October, 2014, developed Enterprisewide Risk Management Framework, complete with Governance Structures. This document was sent to Central Bank Of Kenya for acquisicition of Operating licence and will be used to manage risks on day to day basis , going forward.

In November, 2014, developed Anti Money Laundering Policies for the same purpose.



Other work carried out during 2015 included developing Investment Policy and Procedures, Board Operations Manual and 3 Year Strategic Plan.


Developed a 3 Year Strategic Plan, covering 2015-2017, in February/March, 2015.


This document was prepared to solicit funding from the Office of The President, Republic of Uganda, to support a Project to change the mindsets of Ugandan Youth so as to make them self reliant and positively self engaging. The Project targeted both students from primary to University and out of school youth. It was a national project to be implemented in phases over a 5 year period.

iv. ELEPHANT GARDEN CAMP LTD is a proposed tented camp facility to be based in Amboseli Game Reserve area by Belgian and Kenyan nationals. We carried out a Feasibility Study and developed five 5-year Strategic Business Plans. The project is ongoing.

v. SMARTWATCH SOLUTIONS LIMITED is based in Kampala, Uganda, with an outlet in Nairobi, Kenya. Its core business is Consultancy in Mobile Resource Management, Transport Resource Management (TRM) and Customer Support (CS). It creates value by enabling its clients to better manage mobile workers, service scheduling, and the vehicles or assets used in the field, with the result of reduced costs, better customer service and rapid return on investment.

We developed a three (3) - Year Strategic Plan and also developed a Product Proposal for its new line of business of selling smart watches. We later developed the following Operating Manuals (Business Processes): Business development Manual; Finance and Accounts; Risk Management Manual; ICT Manual : Procurement Manual & Investment Policy

vi.UNITED ENERGY AFRICA TRADING LIMITED is owned by foreign investors and is a company proposed to manufacture and sell Nitrogen, Oxygen and Acetylene gases in Kenya. We carried out a Feasibility Study and developed a five (5) - Year Strategic Plan.

vii.OPPORTUNITY BANK PLC---JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN-- Developed the following Policy & Procedures Manual during this year: (1) Banking Operations.

Carried out staff training on the manual.

viii.INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK, JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN—In April, 2016, carried out a Feasibility Study and developed Business Plan for its first Branch at konyokonyo are branch


(i) Environmental Impact Assessment of Jetropha Plantation Establishment by Bedford Biofuels Inc.,

Canada, in the Tana River and Tana Delt Districts, Coast Province, Kenya, November 2010-Nov 2011.

ii) Environmental Impact Assessment Study of Oltome Eco-lodge, Meru Conservation Area (Bisanandi

National Reserve), Oltome Logdes Ltd, August, 2010

(iii)Environmental Impact Assessment of Development of Presidential Suites by Sopa Lodges Ltd,

Naivasha, April 2009.

(iv)Environmental Impact Assessment on expansion of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport-Uhuru

Highway-RironiClass A Road,by Kenya Highway Authority, for Norken Ltd, March-April 2012.

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A life enhancing experience for me. If you have not been a part of it, you have missed out! Just do it & see the difference, it will give a new & focused direction to your life.

Paul Mungla(Director)

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