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  • We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
    We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP) is the proprietary language of SAP in which all SAP applications have been written. ABAP/4 is a fourth-generation programming language (4GL). It is the SAP programming language used in the development of all standard applications. ABAP is an event driven, structured language. An added advantage is that ABAP is object-oriented in current SAP releases. SAP customers use ABAP for their own developments that can be important for adapting standard solutions to specific issues or problems. ABAP is also used to develop/customize reports, interfaces, user exits, develop Business Application Programmer's Interfaces (BAPIs) and other required enhancements. Our areas of specialty in ABAP are ABAP Object Oriented, ABAP HR and Webdynpro programming. We offer the technical resources you need, without you having to go through the process of hiring and maintaining a highly trained IT staff, interviewing consultants for open-ended contracts, or managing a system that is not meeting your business requirements. Our ABAP team comprises of experts who provide ABAP support to all SAP modules. In case you require a new development or modification to existing programs in SAP, our ABAP project managers and consultants work close with your business analysts in defining your requirements. In case it is a technical problem with your system, then our ABAP consultants will investigate the cause of the problem and find a workaround or permanent solution to the cause of the problem in the system. These services are available for as little as one week of notice or more depending on the complexity of project. Our "ABAP Support Service" post-implementation solution takes you to the next step in realizing a return on your SAP investment. Warranties are provided for all services. ABAP Offsite/Offshore Services -A Reality! In this digital age, 98% of ABAP development and consultancy is on Offsite/Offshore platform.This is because of its effective turnaround on support.This in return helps clients benefit from maintenance and implementation cost reduction. Jacca Consulting Ltd satisfactorily provides outsourcing services worldwide for: ABAP Development in RICEFW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Forms and Workflows) ABAP Consultancy / Support Integration Testing Support Workflow development and customization Some of the FAQS we answer satisfactorily Do you have standard reports that don't meet your requirement (do not have the information you require) and you want to create your own report? Do you wish two or more system interfaces to talk e.g. SAP system and Non -SAP Systems, SAP and SAP? Do you wish to upload large amount of data into SAP system, in the correct format? Do you wish to change or enhance sap standard so that it can be able to do something that it currently doesn't do or have? Standard SAP gives you ready made forms (Smartforms, Sapscripts, Adobeforms) e.g. Pick List and BOL. Do you wish more fields displayed on these forms, new developments or any modifications made on this forms? Do you wish to develop or customize a workflow to inform people, when certain trigger things happen in SAP?

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Jacca Consulting Group Ltd. was founded in April, 2009, as sole proprietorship and incorporated in September of the same year to provide a wide range of business management consultancy services. Services provided target mainly SMEs, Start Ups and other public organizations that are of similar size like schools, NGOs and others. Read More

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A life enhancing experience for me. If you have not been a part of it, you have missed out! Just do it & see the difference, it will give a new & focused direction to your life.

Paul Mungla(Director)

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