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  • We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
    We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies

Every new fiscal year your finance department staff find themselves spending more time chasing down figures, error checking and updating spreadsheet reports before the end of the period.

One of the biggest headaches for the finance department is getting managers who are out in the field, and not usually around their computers, to sit down and send in their spreadsheets. In this modern age, shouldn't there be a better way?

Yes, there is an easier and faster way to manage your financial operations. It is the Canvas Planning Software!

Canvas Planning Software

With our Canvas Planning product, we offer a state-of-the-art business intelligence software solution for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) that offers highly advance presentation and analysis functionality. It is highly optimized for both Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprise.

With Canvas Planning your existing investment in being the “Master of Excel” is fully leveraged to help you create quicker, more accurate financial closes, streamline the budgeting and forecasting process and decrease fiscal errors. Canvas Planning is everything a financial executive needs to get their job done better.

With its flexible design, users can perform multiple financial and management functions where they are most comfortable, either the Web, Excel or in their mobile device.


Immediate value: Because Performance Canvas Planning is deployed right in Excel; the time-to-productivity can be as fast as one week.

Improved Closing Times: Canvas Planning enables users to manage every aspect of the financial close right in Excel. Users are able to manage workflows, send out input schedules, automate controls, track adjustments, reconcile data, work with multiple systems and monitor the results as they come in.

Simplified Reconciliation: With the Business Modeler you can manage inter-company consolidations in a unified approach. In just one click users can perform currency conversion, data processing, matching, and collect missing data, making the reconciliation process quicker and easier than ever before.

General Ledger Made Easy:Canvas Planning can be deployed to automatically recognize revenue and match costs for in-depth analysis and create the appropriate account postings for various expenses.

Systems Integration:Canvas Planning enables users to work with information held in a variety of systems without the need to have multiple databases open at the same time. Users can establish direct connections to different data sources, directly in Excel.

Gain In-Depth Operational Insight:Organizations can combine financial and non financial results for greater insight into performance metrics. They can analyze consolidated information across unlimited user defined dimensions including company, product,brand and customer

Reporting and Analysis:Canvas Planning has built in business intelligence functionality, enabling users to get a birds-eye view of company performance and helping to improve the accuracy of forecasts, budgets and plans.


  • Native Excel Add-In
  • Unified financial reporting
  • Interact with multiple hierarchies and dimensions
  • Perform formula-based and matrix-based reporting
  • Track account movement for cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Completely customizable approval structure
  • Perform consolidation and inter-company eliminations
  • Foreign currency translation and exchange
  • Create and maintain dimensions and attributes, sets of cubes and alternative hierarchies
  • Powerful administration tool making control and access easy.
  • Extensive graphing capabilities including Sparklines, Heat maps and Quadrant Scatters.
  • Mobile input schedules for iPad, iPhone,Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry
  • Powerful support for MDX, SQL and SPARQL query languages for advanced solutions
  • Pre-defined Business Models
  • Ability to perform cross company spreading


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A life enhancing experience for me. If you have not been a part of it, you have missed out! Just do it & see the difference, it will give a new & focused direction to your life.

Paul Mungla(Director)

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