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  • We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
    We provide Tailor-made Solution for every Business
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies
  • Taxation and Policies
    Taxation and Policies

Concentrating on various parameters related with the clients' business, we provide Employee Training Services. These services are available for corporates & firms in customer friendly prices. The offered Employee Training Services are provided by our professionals by imparting their knowledge to company employees. As soon as we receive the requirement, our personnel reach the stipulated place within the limited time frame. The Employee Training process enables business entities to develop a niche for acquiring growth in their sector.

Customer Care Skills Training

Professional and Effective Business Customer Care Skills Training in Kenya

Customer Care Skils Training in KenyaEffective Customer Care skills Training - Good customer service skills are critical in any organization because a company cannot succeed in the market by just having an excellent product. You have to combine product with service to beat the competition, and to meet customer expectations. Our consultants have strong customer service backgrounds and provide tailor made training solutions that lead to highly satisfied customers, achieve customer loyalty and build strong long terms customer relationships. A combination of all these, in turn, yield benefits to the business in terms of Reduced cost of operations & Improved profits, we undertake business skills training on customer care for Financial and Long terms Business Stability

Selling Techniques for Improved Sales Training Effectiveness

Effective Selling Skills for Non-salespeople in Kenya, Global Selling Skills

Effective Selling Skills in KenyaSelling skills - To sell, you must believe in your product or service - and believe in yourself. Learn how to sell an idea, service, or product to your customers, Your selling skills depend, in large part, on your level of self confidence. Other people sense whether or not you believe in yourself, and by extension, whether or not you believe in what you're doing. That belief is what persuades the customer or client to buy the product or service. Therefore, building your self confidence will improve your selling skills. We create a functional base to our Clients towards self Confidence building techniques that help them work out their business skill, By identifying the leadership characteristics and selling skills that are critical to today's management and sales teams, we build workforce solutions that enhance the level of customer service your clients demand.

Business Plans and Business Planning Techniques and Training Services in Kenya

Development and Training of Effective Business Plans, Kenya Business Consultants in Long Terms Business Planning for Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Business Planning skills - We design and implement business plan training courseIt's easier to develop a good business plan if you match your enthusiasm with logical business savvy. Jacca Consulting Group helps your staff acquire basic business planning skills that help you grow your business, while remaining focused. As an old adage goes " If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

Financial Planning Skills and Training, Financial Planning Consultants in Kenya

Cost Effective Financial Planning Skills and Management Consulting Company in Kenya

Financial Planning skills - You are completely responsible for your financial and investment success or failure. Delegating investment decisions to industry advisers largely on naive faith and hope without adequate personal knowledge, attention, and control can be very risky to your business. The only practical solution is for you to increase your Financial Planning skills.We are professional Trainers in this key aspect of your business.

Do you know what Skills your Business needs to Grow?

Provides of Professional Training Needs Assessment and Business Skills Assessment in Training in Kenya

Training Needs Assessment--Your business may be having skill-gaps in certain areas which need to be filled in order to enhance performance. We are ready to carry out this assessment and help identify the neccessary courses to fill the gaps.

About Jacca Consulting Group Ltd

Jacca Consulting Group Ltd. was founded in April, 2009, as sole proprietorship and incorporated in September of the same year to provide a wide range of business management consultancy services. Services provided target mainly SMEs, Start Ups and other public organizations that are of similar size like schools, NGOs and others. Read More

Client Testimonies

A life enhancing experience for me. If you have not been a part of it, you have missed out! Just do it & see the difference, it will give a new & focused direction to your life.

Paul Mungla(Director)

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